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Things that make the new Mitsubishi cars a choice of many people

Mitsubishi has been number two among the leading car manufacturers in 2016 after BMW took the first place. The manufacturer has been producing amazing cars that offer comfort and luxurious features to the users. New Mitsubishi ASX is the car that has been in the minds of every car enthusiast owing to the fact that it has robust features, which make it reliable and efficient to drive on all kinds of roads.

New Mitsubishi ASX

Features that make the performance of the new Mitsubishi ASX excellent

It has a best-in-class turning radius and a compact size, which allow the user to make even the thinnest turns on the narrow cities of the city. With a turning capability of 17.2-inch radius, it is considered as the car with most sharp turns in the streets. Even in smaller parking spaces, new Mitsubishi ASX foldable side mirrors supplement its tightest turning capabilities to make you park without damaging any part.

The car comes with more horsepower along with options of two transmissions to provide all the driving needs that users want. For carefree driving, drivers can use smooth and efficient Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). But if you want to utilize the manual transmission, you can use the 5-speed manual transmission for more control of the car on the streets.

Features of the new Mitsubishi Triton that makes it unique

The car has been equipped with a hill-start assist that makes it possible to stop and start your car in the hilly regions without your car moving back. The four-channel electronic brake makes it easy for the car to stop when needed because in every driving, making stops or reducing speed is necessary.

Active Stability Control and Traction Control Logic system are available in the car to make you have a perfect and luxurious ride on the road. All these features should be tested through a driving test when buying the car from the dealer to ensure that they are working perfectly.

Things that make the Mitsubishi Mirage one of a kind

The car comes with features to make the users be proud of it. It has a spacious boot which is around 47-cubic feet, meaning it can accommodate a lot of stuff in it. FAST-Key system allows you to unlock your car without having to move out your bunch of keys to select the appropriate one. Through the press of a button, you can open the doors efficiently without any difficulty.

The car has efficient aerodynamics and sporty style, which yield nothing but a classy and comfy drive on the road. Its exterior is made scratch resistant with excellent paint to make it shine for long without even fading. You can regulate the inner temperature of the car to beat the hotness or coldness of the place that you are driving in.

With the press of a button, you can control the cruise at any speed because the car has a cruise control that is easy-to-use, standard GT and SE trims for your perfect drive. The new Mitsubishi Outlander is also one of the cars that have been excellently manufactured to offer a great drive and luxurious satisfaction to users. It has all the modern features and highly durable parts.